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Welcome to our Roller Shades selection, where you have the freedom to tailor your window treatments to suit your specific needs. Choose between our two exceptional fabric options: Light Filtering and Dim Out. Each category offers a distinct set of fabrics, providing you with the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Light Filtering Fabrics:

Experience the beauty of diffused natural light with our Light Filtering fabrics. Ideal for those who wish to create a serene and inviting atmosphere, these fabrics gently soften incoming sunlight, adding a touch of elegance to your space. Explore the following exquisite options:

  1. Xander White: Embrace a timeless and pristine aesthetic with the Xander White Roller Shade. This fabric allows soft, filtered natural light to gently illuminate your room, creating a fresh and clean ambiance.
  2. Xander Grey: Achieve sophistication and versatility with the Xander Grey Roller Shade. This subtle grey fabric complements various interior designs, adding a chic and harmonious touch to your living space.
  3. Xander Ivory: Infuse warmth and invitation into your home with the Xander Ivory Roller Shade. The soft, neutral hue adds a cozy feel, making it perfect for bedrooms and living areas.

Dim Out Fabrics:

For those seeking enhanced privacy and light control, our Dim Out fabrics are the perfect choice. These fabrics are designed to significantly reduce sunlight intensity, creating a cozy and secluded ambiance. Explore the following options:

  1. Captiva Stone: Experience tranquility with the Captiva Stone Dim Out Roller Shade. This sophisticated stone hue ensures privacy and light reduction, making it an excellent choice for spaces where a calm and secluded environment is desired.
  2. Captiva White: Achieve the perfect balance between style and functionality with the Captiva White Dim Out Roller Shade. This fabric blocks out a substantial amount of light, offering privacy and creating a soothing ambiance, especially suitable for bedrooms.

Choose the fabric that aligns with your style preferences and functional requirements to elevate your home decor with our versatile Roller Shades.


Neolux Arcadia White

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