Zebra Shades

Light Filtering & Dim out Zebra SHades

Transform your living environment with our Zebra Shades featuring both Light Filtering and Dim Out options. Skillfully designed for a perfect blend of style and practicality, these shades offer a unique way to control and enhance natural light.


Discover the Best of Both Worlds with Zebra Shades: Immerse your space in a perfect blend of style and functionality. Choose the Light Filtering option in the elegant Neolux Arcadia White design for a harmonious balance of natural light and privacy. Elevate your decor with sophisticated charm and seamlessly integrate these shades into any room.

Key Features…

  • Versatile Light Control: Zebra Shades offer the flexibility to easily adjust light levels, providing you control over your room’s atmosphere throughout the day.
  • Luxurious Dim Out Options: Explore the luxurious Neolux Sundown Cream and timeless Neolux Victoria White in our Dim Out collection. Elevate your space with sophisticated charm and timeless elegance.
  • Enhanced Light Management: Enjoy personalized light control with our Dim Out shades. Achieve an ideal balance between privacy and ambiance, making them a practical and stylish choice for any room. Transform your living spaces with the perfect fusion of style and light control.