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Introducing our Zebra Shades – the perfect blend of style, function, and innovation. These shades offer exceptional light filtering options, ensuring you can create the ideal ambiance in any room. With Neolux Arcadia White, you’ll enjoy a bright, inviting atmosphere that complements your decor seamlessly.

But that’s not all; our Zebra Shades also provide a range of convenient lift systems to suit your preferences. Choose from the following options:

  1. Cordless: Embrace the sleek and clutter-free look with our cordless design. No more hassle with tangled cords, making your space safe and clean.
  2. Motorized: Experience the ultimate in convenience with our motorized shades. Effortlessly control the level of light in your room with the touch of a button, all without leaving your seat.
  3. Charger: Keep your shades powered up and ready to use with our charger option. No more worrying about batteries – just plug in and enjoy uninterrupted functionality.
  4. Remote: Our remote-controlled Zebra Shades provide simple and easy adjustments to lighting and privacy levels. Control one shade or multiple shades in your room, all at the push of a button.

Additionally, our remote channels offer even more flexibility in managing your shades:

  • “One” channel allows you to control a single shade, making it perfect for smaller spaces or when you only need to adjust one window.
  • “5 (2-5 shades)” channel is ideal for those who want to control a small group of shades simultaneously, ensuring uniform lighting in a larger room or multiple windows.
  • “15 (more than 5 shades)” channel is perfect for larger rooms with numerous windows. You can effortlessly manage all your Zebra Shades with one remote control, creating a harmonious ambiance with ease.

Experience the perfect balance of style, convenience, and precision with our Zebra Shades. Transform your space into a haven of light and comfort with the light filtering and lift system options that suit your lifestyle. Don’t wait; upgrade your home or office with our Zebra Shades today! Order today!


Neolux Arcadia White

Lift Sytems

Cordless, Motorized

Motorized Options

Charger, None, Remote

Remote Channels

15 (more than 5 shades), 5 ( 2-5 shades), None, One

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